Report Intellectual Property Right Infringement
TRYBHI's Report Infringement form is intended for use by intellectual property rights owners and their agents to notify TRYBHI of alleged intellectual property infringements such as copyright and trademark concerns. If you are not an intellectual property rights owner or their agent, TRYBHI will not be able to process complaints submitted through this form. Please report your concerns to TRYBHI through the appropriate venue:

Brands/Sellers/Agencies may use this form to report inappropriate listings, other sellers, policy violations, etc.
Buyers may use this form to report problems with orders, seller policy violations, etc.
We Do Not Enforce
Barcode, EAN, or UPC Infringement: Barcodes, EANs, and UPCs are used to store product information such as pricing and inventory levels. These codes do not carry intellectual property protection.

Detail Page Ownership and Image Restrictions: When a detail page is created, it becomes a permanent catalogue page on that will remain even if the creator's inventory sells out. Additionally, when you add your copyrighted image to a detail page, you grant TRYBHI and its affiliates a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable right to exercise all rights of publicity over the material.

Other sellers can list their items for sale against pages that you have created or added your copyrighted images to. However, we do require sellers to list only against detail pages that exactly match their items. If you believe sellers are listing against detail pages that do not exactly match their items, we ask that you report the violation here.

If your copyrighted image has been added to our catalogue without your consent, please complete the form below.
Intellectual property for Rights Owner
TRYBHI is dedicated to ensuring that products on its Website do not violate or infringe a Rights Owner's intellectual property (IP) rights. Rights Owners can report infringing content they find on TRYBHI and share answers to frequently asked questions on how TRYBHI handles infringement complaints. A Rights Owner includes any person (such as a brand, a seller, a customer or any third party) who legitimately owns intellectual property rights for the product in question.

To learn more about intellectual property rights, please visit your local intellectual property office. Additionally, this page will review examples of trademark, copyright, and patents.

Note: The following information does not contain legal advice. You should consult a lawyer if you have specific questions about your IP rights or the IP rights of others.
Result from submitting a notice of infringement
You will receive a confirmation message that we are reviewing your notice. We will send you a follow up message once your notice has been processed.

If your notice is valid, we will inform the responsible sellers about your claim and share your services  contact information with them should they have any follow-up questions.

Note: If your secondary contact information is not available, then we will share your primary contact information with the seller.
If your notice of infringement is accepted, we will remove the content you reported and take appropriate action against the responsible sellers. However, specific actions are confidential.

If your notice of infringement is rejected, we will not remove the content you reported and the seller will not be actioned.You will receive a notification with the reason for rejection of your notice.

Important:The continuous submission of inaccurate or fake notices could lead to the removal of your submission privileges.
If you’re an customer and found copyright work on our website contact us with some information.