TRYBHI India Power Source Technology Co., Ltd was established in 6 October 2016,our brand “TRYBHI” is well-known in india and Worldwide focusing on high-end 3C accessories and daily creative products. Our main products are mobile phone accessories protective products,functional electronics products, life creative products etc. TRYBHI Headquarter, the global marketing center,is located in Udaipur India international metropolis plays important part of development in high-tech R&D and manufacturer base. Our company has modern office facilities and comfortable working atmosphere, our Warehouse in Udaipur India and Ahemdabad over 5000 square meters for warehouse and manufacture base,and its production line and logistics system are highly efficient and convenient with completed logistics facilities.
TRYBHI focus on high- end product developing and selling in 3C accessories area.Here we also accept WHOLESALE and Retail order,you just need Order the Product,then we can ship Your Shipment As Soon As Possible .In 2018,we will keep more open mind to meet your demand!
Nowadays TRYBHI has developed a strong Network in India. And Shipped More than 1 Million Shipment's to our B2B and B2C customers.